Kotelna – Libčice nad Vltavou

Uhelný mlýn, Kotelna – Libčice nad Vltavou / event location

I am very glad that I can cooperate with such a wonderful space as the Coal Mill, Boiler Room in the complex of the Screw-Mill in Libčice nad Vltavou is. Industrial estates and factories are my heart business. They have unmistakable charm and through the glazed roofs amazing daylight to take photos. The advantage of this place is a good accessibility from Prague (25 min by train) and friendly and kind approach of the owners. I thank Andrea Hoffman Nečasová for the opportunity to cooperate.

Audiolight service s.r.o. (Ltd) / technical support of events

I have been enjoying more than 10 years of cooperation and friendship with technical manager Michal Stehlík. We have realized a number of events in the Czech Republic and abroad, which we reminisce with a smile up to the present day. Our biggest joint project was the event for Zepter International in Vienna's Stadthalle. We may never make fortune of something bigger but it is always great fun and comfort in the workplace. It is very important that not only a client but also the boys, who must take each screw, each box in their hands, feel good and they were cared for.

JEZ! concept / catering service

I have a long-standing friendship with one of the owners of this company, as well as with the manager Jiří Švestka, who has been providing catering services for several years for events I realize. Cooperation is always at the highest level. Over the years, the guys have got accustomed to my make-ups, fervor and attention to detail and also that we pack the catering that remains from the event and is suitable for consumption and hand it over there where it helps and makes somebody happy. Thank you for the relaxed cooperation and thank you for all the praise from clients, because as we know — love goes through the stomach.

Simply Bar Catering

With owners Petr Vopálenský and Štěpán Katina, who belong among the leading suppliers of bar catering in the Czech Republic, we have known each other for some days and in essence can not imagine any client, neither a private or family event without their services. Their staff is always at the top level, as well as their drinks they serve. Over the years, we have managed to do some great realizations and even one nice project where the boys let themselves be allured by my idea of a mobile bar from a cart designed for transporting horses and which you can meet at outdoor events throughout the Czech republic.

Ivan Berka / graphic design

We have known each other with Ivan for more than 8 years and we have been working together on graphic designs for my or agency clients for about the same time. We are already a well-coordinated team, we are able to create valuable graphic designs in much shorter time thanks to good briefing and tuning to the same wave. We enjoy working together and, most importantly, people like it. I thank Ivan for the graphic design of my work and project materials and the website

Jana Beránková / web design

Jana lives in Beroun just like me and Ivan Berka. They have been working together for some days, creating nice functional websites for clients of the same attitude. Jana is a professional and a person with a pleasant energy. The fact that she lives, just like Ivan, near me is a bonus – I can simply and easily come to a meeting in slippers. I thank Jana for my work websites and the project ones as well.

VR Musashi / virtual reality

We started our cooperation and friendship with my idol from the time of puberty, Mikuláš (Nicholas) Křen (Samotáři – Loners), on the YESNEYES project and since then we have been enjoying to realize events together. For mine or agency clients, Mikuláš moderates events in Czech and brilliantly in English as well (especially foreign management likes him) and performs regularly as a DJ at events. With the confidence I entrust to his studio any demanding projects in the area of the virtual reality, which he has recently embarked upon with a bunch of professionals in this field.

Lukáš Nikel / video production

I met Lukáš a few years ago on a project that I realized together with Mikuláš Křen. Lukáš provides video reportages and subsequent editing and everything that belongs to the video postproduction. After those few years we are well coordinated and we enjoy working together. Together with his colleague David, Lukáš started up a photo booth that fits to every event. /

Quido Kout / sports photojournalist

I've known Quid since childhood through my dad. I like his photographic eye and his attitude to life. I am glad that I dragged him into taking pictures of equestrian endurance races and that it's not only me who enjoys his pictures but also the other riders. Quido has also photographed a number of sports competitions and teambuildings for my clients. He will not have a word said against his Nikon and good old cameras of his grandfather. Together with Rosťa he has an atelier and studio in Kralupy nad Vltavou, where he prints first-class photographic canvases.

Rostislav Smolej / sports photojournalist

With Quido, Rosťa forms a great team at sports events and races. In autumn 2018 we took pictures of a beautiful golf tournament (hickory) on the golf course in Líšnice - my first one - and the photos were so popular that they were published in a magazine. Rosťa honors the Canon brand, with which he took my promo photos in Uhelný mlýn, Kotelna – Libčice nad Vltavou.

A. S. Band / party band from Karlovy Vary

I met the frontman of the A. S. Band Aladár Siládi more than 10 years ago at one afterparty at the Grand Hotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary. They accompanied together with their colleagues Ilona Csáková and it was a party till the morning and I really liked it. I took Ali's phone number and since then he has been appearing with the band at events I realize. They will satisfy Czech and foreign audiences, they can make dance tens and hundreds of people. For thematic events he chooses the appropriate outfit and adapts the repertoire. It's fun with them, and when Ali starts singing Michal David, Michael Jackson or Prince at the drums, I always go to my knees. So far there has not appeared a client who would not really like this band from the bottom of his heart. Upon request, my favorite Slovak singer Beego Shea also plays with them.

DH Cycling – Daniel Horák / Beroun bicycle shop and service

I have my last high quality Cannondale bikes from Dan Horák. I enjoy Dan's friendly, professional approach and assortment. We are looking forward to a cooperation within cycling events / teambuildings and concentration training for clients.

Volvo T6R / repair and service of Volvo cars, Prague

Without the service team and the helpfulness of two gentlemen, Aleš and Filip, I would not be able to drive such a reliable production car like Volvo is, which never bothered me, and it was always possible to be loaded with anything in any quantity. With Michal Stehlík (Audiolight service) we have been meeting at the stage with the same models of this brand and sometimes in the same colors for many years. A representative car that I can get in in the heels in the morning and get off in the boots in the middle of the field in the afternoon. I would not change.