Professional experience

Stanislava Horáková profesní zkušenosti

Cowparade Prague (2004)

Sales manager
  • care of VIP clients, cooperation with media agency, artists, organization of promotions, transport, logistics, sale abroad after an auction and others

Possibility to work for great people – Serge Borenstein a Bessel Kok

Mather Activation Agency (2005–2006)

Junior Field Marketing Specialist
  • main clients: KlasA brand, Česká pojišťovna
  • Christmas KlasA Feast – from creative design to realization + promotions
  • Business and Management Conference of the Czech Insurance Company in Brno

Vikárka Restaurant – Prague Castle (2006–2007)

Marketing & Production Manager
  • complete provision of events throughout the whole period
  • Christmas feast for Penzijní fond České pojišťovny, Christmas party for MAFRA a. s., Opening of Vikárka (approx. 1000 guests) and others.
  • marketing and production (complete corporate identity, PR, advertising and more)

Possibility to work for great people – Daniel Bartek and Evžen Hart

Outdoor Agency Section 8 (2007)

Production manager
  • Teambuilding and other events for clients of Samsung ČR, ASB Prague, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Antalis, ST MicroElectronics, Cisco and others.
  • complete design, implementation, liquidation of events, communication with clients, suppliers, team management

Mather Activation Agency (2008)

External cooperation on projects – full service production
  • Chef of the Year 2008 + Worldwide Conference of Chefs and Confectioners (WASC 2008)
  • complete responsibility for projects, training of internal event colleagues

Zepter International (2009) International Business Conference in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Event coordinator and production manager
  • multi-day events for a total of 3000 people from all over Europe (official/entertaining part, parties and more
  • 4 weeks of preparation and implementation abroad

The opportunity to cooperate with suppliers from all over Europe, for me a great experience.

Barrandov Studios Special Effects (2009)

Production & new business
  • production cooperation on interesting projects
  • creating new business opportunities

Possibility to work for Jaroslav Štolba and his great, exclusively male team.

Mather Activation Agency (2009)

External cooperation on projects of important clients, full service production

Prague 11 City District (2009)

  • production support for the Safe South City campaign
  • complete organization of the 11-day Prague 11 event including design, implementation

Petr Weigl studio (2009–2010)

Photo production and props
  • photo project Calendarium – Photo by Petr Weigl in cooperation with Flash Barrandov Special Effects, Barrandov Studios division and others / opening 11th January 2010
  • complete photo production, location search, technical service, provision of suppliers and models, decoration design, rental and work with props

An amazing project, which was a matter of heart for all of us.

Zepter International (2010) International Business Conference in Marsa Alam, Egypt

Event coordinator and production manager
  • multi-day events for a total of 3000 people from all over Europe
  • (official/entertaining part, parties, teambuilding and more)
  • 4 weeks of preparation and implementation abroad

Again excellent cooperation with Czech and foreign suppliers, for me "a dream factory"

Agency Republica s. r. o. (Ltd.) (2010)

Senior Event Manager
  • clients: Heineken ČR, Krušovice brewery
  • complete event and production service during 2010, 10 festivals, 15 events for customers, 2 big events for TOP management and employees

Great cooperation with my friend Daniel Těšík and his brother Radek

YES-NEYES – Bufet Pictures (2010)
client General Health Insurance Company

Producer and production manager
  • complete production, project budget management, setting, props, transport

One great fun and great cooperation and the beginning of friendship with Mikuláš Křen

Fawoo Tech CZ s. r. o. (Ltd.) (2010–2013)

Marketing & Production Manager
  • complete corporate identity, PR – advertising management, prints, web design, design, preparation and realization of stands at fairs, marketing strategy, reconstruction of premises, design and realization of Prague 7 showroom, advertising campaigns, photo production

How to take hold of the sale of LED lights. Beautiful cooperation with designers and skilled suppliers.

Zepter International (2012) International Business Conference in Vienna, Austria

1st assistant director and production manager
  • management of the production team, complete preparation and implementation
  • Annual conference for 5,000 people, held in Stadthalle Wien, cooperation with foreign and domestic suppliers, responsibility for budget and course of the event. Show including the participation of world stars such as Ricchi & Poveri, Boney M, Madlenianum Symphony Orchestra and more.

The last major international event for this company, the possibility of setting up of my own production team from the Czech Republic and Slovakia and engagement of already known, reliable and professional service suppliers.

Stanislava Horáková profesní zkušenosti

EVENT ARENA s. r. o. (Ltd.) (2011–2012)

Senior Event Manager
  • main clients – Telefónica, Komerční banka, Toyota Material handling and others
  • complete event service
  • specialist in budgeting and design, realization of exhibition stands
  • focus on action with animals
  • termination of cooperation due to the birth of a child on 31. 12. 2012

Interesting experience and cooperation with my friend Petr Mejsnar and bosses Kateřina Horynová and Norbert Pýcha.

LOVE TO ANIMALS z. s. (2013–present)

Chairman of a non-profit organization
  • building a brand as a whole bringing together multiple projects
  • projects - assistance to animals in need (adoption), work during the floods in 2013, support for animals of seniors , educational activities, castration programs in villages, presentations at public events, cooperation with known subjects (foundations, funds)
  • cooperation with Regional Veterinary Administration and State Veterinary Administration in cases of animal cruelty, media support, situation resolution
  • active participation in grant procedures, project development
  • seminars for the public

Our family favourite one.

Michel’s Farm s. r. o. (Ltd) (2014)

Production manager
  • implementation of weddings and events in the season of 2014
  • presentations at wedding fairs
  • creation of promotional materials, web, printed matter, PR
  • cooperation on farm revitalization, capacity expansion in 2015

Renewal of cooperation with Daniel Těšík, who at that time was in charge of business and operating of the farm.

ASB Prague s. r. o. (Ltd) (2014–2015)

Team building manager
  • external cooperation, preparation of team building for 60 people in 2014 and 2015
  • creative design, concept, budget, preparation, implementation

My best client who always gives me space and confidence to create a unique event full of adrenaline.

CK Robinson (2016)

Event & team building coordinator
  • resuming cooperation with a former employer in Section 8
  • external cooperation on orders for the client Dino Schools of Prague
  • independent project management and communication with clients

LIR EVENTS s. r. o. (Ltd) – BEATS EVOLUTION CONFERENCE 2016, 2017, 2018

Event specialist
  • production support of the whole conference in cooperation with colleagues from England
  • first, second and third year of a unique event in the Czech Republic aimed at drum & bass music
  • 2-day conference including after parties at several locations in Prague

Working with the perfect team that had built the world's largest drum'n'bass festival – Let It Roll

VIERA EVENTS s. r. o. (Ltd) (2016–2018)

Senior Event Manager
  • complete event service
  • budgeting specialist
  • focus on sports and animal events (in the area of charity and assistance with the client's marketing strategy)
  • key clients: banking service providers, IT service providers, animal feed producers, pharmaceutical companies, state nature conservation enterprise, electronics manufacturers, world No.1 in heart valves manufacturing and more

Friendly collaboration and woman’s only environment. Own suppliers with whom it is a pleasure to work.

Many interesting clients and countless nice events that we managed to realize. Evidence that one does not have to work in a big company to do big events.

ASB GROUP (2018) 2 events

  • preparation and implementation of team building for 70 people in winter (night climb to Sněžka)
  • preparation and realization of the event for 15 years anniversary for 300 people
  • creative design, concept, budget, preparation, implementation
  • own client / long-term cooperation

Always a giant wave of positive energy and confidence. This time not only in nature but also around Prague Castle during the design and implementation of the annual event for partners and clients of the company.

News in the field of sport and work with children and youth

  • participation in sports courses and training camps
    (cross-country skiing camps, exercise weekends, cycling courses, culinary workshops and more)
  • study of accredited courses – nutrition consultant, functional trainer with focus on health, yoga instructor
  • organizing summer and winter workshops for children and young people
  • organizing sports concentration trainings for adults

„I wish to do what I enjoy and what I see a sense in. Distribute positive energy to everyone around me and work in harmony with nature and respect for all living things.“